That picture express determination, and memories. It shows how the runners try their best to win in a World Competition to show people that they have talent, and they are proud of what are they representing: their country.  I selected that pictures because it makes me feel very proud of Javier Culson, because he is letting know to the world that Puerto Rico have talent and no merely is an island were the criminality is going up every day.  

So when I keep staring at it, I feel his passion for what he is doing to make his best for himself, and his island. That passion is making history around the world, and in our country. His determination is expressed when he doesn’t stop what he likes just because his own country makes fun of him. Also in a personal way, for one moment I rarely felt a different emotion that I have reserved for me since a lot of time. That emotion could be sadness or melancholic, because it reminds me when I used to dance. I traveled through many states representing Puerto Rico, and also I competed at the International Folklore Dance Competition, in Palma Mallorca España in 2007. Then, that picture takes me in a flashback when I was in stage competing for my country with 49 different groups from around the world and we won 5th place. It’s awesome how a picture can take you in the past, and that’s how I have to describe it.

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