In a recent investigation by Gabrielle Thurin "A Collegiette's Classified UPR Men", she defined all the different types of guys in the main campus divided by schools. As the most recent and funniest investigation I've ever read I have to say that I enjoyed every minute of it. Actually I totally agree with her, saying that UPR's Men, all have something interesting... With a humoristic and ironic tone she goes school by school to classify the boys. 

Or maybe in a psycho way, she felt so lonely without having a boyfriend that she decided to go to one of the most diverse places in Rio Piedras: a Thursday night at the "refugio". With a  lot of beers and a "chichaitos" in hand, trying to get a number but she was probably ignored, she decided to get revenge of the guys that ignored her. So that's why she spent her time trying to get the information that she used to make her investigation, I'm kidding... a bit. LOL. But the point here, is that in representation of men in UPRRP, I will respond her back discussing of UPR girls: 

Homo Biatch Family: Most of these are going to have an MD or will still living on daddy's money. They hope to find a rich man to marry in the future. 

1. Naturales: She is the most craziest biatch of the UPR. Anti-social, cocky , and don't even try to talk to her unless you have money or you are going to do her lab work for the class. They always go stunning to the university from head to toes as the general rule, but they have their exception. 

2. ADMI: Like their sister from Naturales they are very proud to hold the second place in the Craziest Biatch Family at the UPR. They are the kind of girls that you will always see with their office dresses. Those girls are the ones that you will see on a Thursday night in "Brava", hanging out with her boyfriend the homo cabronus fichu. They always have an oral presentation. Mostly organized, with some skills.

3. COPU: The little sister of the Craziest Biatch Family has been spotted trying to go up in the chart. But as the future journalists, writers,or producers of Puerto Rico they think the world is theirs. They don't have space in their very small faculty for you unless f you are very very loud, and have a good interpersonal relationships' skills. 

Homo Trashy Family: Although their wardrobe isn't cute I enjoy a conversation with them. These girls know how to talk...

1. HUMA: This faculty has 2 kinds of girls. One is the famous lover of weed, spending their time at the theater smoking, smoking, and smoking, having their "time of their life" forgetting about their undone homework. In the other side, they are the ones from the Art Department: dancers, actresses, and painters they are walking with their Platform Flip Flops with her huge BAG in her hand with a pose, walking around pretending they are an artists. These two types of girls have a different kind of personality, but what they share in common is that no matter what, they have the worst wardrobe, and the worst hair stylist in Earth. 

2. Sociales: Talking of ideologies, politic, and MARX they spend their morning on trying to get the first spot on the trashy contest. 

Homo WHATEVER Family: Are mostly immature, insecure, and boring. 

1.  ESGE: Bubblehead: A really really dumb person that when you ask them a question, they respond with the opposite of what you are asking. I just want to tell them in class: SHUT UP! 
2. Education: Birth Chart 11,26 nacimientos/1,000 habitantes.

3. Arquitectura: Too far to walk there. Fun Fact: Don't know anyone from there. 

To finish my humble opinion of my dear and lovely mates, I have to say that this is based on a general rule. I'm not bullying, so If this post offends you, I apologize. It's not my purpose so just pretend that you are the exception to the rule, and doesn't apply to you. After all, these girls represents the best of our society, the ones who attend the best Campus ever, so they deserve my respect. 
9/12/2013 05:05:53

I found it suuuuper funny!!! you are definitely right, I agree with you!! I laughed very much reading it.

9/12/2013 05:23:55

What kind of shit is this?!

9/12/2013 05:39:58

Ok... first of all, i am from Naturales and we are not THAT anti-social and pressumed! That's just not true! Despite this, I found it very funny and sometimes accurate. Some grammatical errors but nothing big.

9/12/2013 05:52:33

If you're going to write in English at least make sure you know how to speak it, please.

9/12/2013 08:26:39

make sure you know how to write* .... I guess that is what you wanted to say, right? So same rule applies to you...

9/12/2013 10:41:47

I know right? This could've been so funny but the constant grammar atrocities made It difficult to read and understand. Proof read dude!

9/12/2013 11:08:11

You too, Lol (Hey sister)

9/12/2013 06:18:02

Nope. You murdered the English language. Why? Why would you do that? What do you gain from that?

"B-but, it's about the message and the context!"

No, no it's not. Not when an article in singular is followed by a noun in plural too many times to be normal. Get a dictionary.

9/12/2013 07:00:37

This article had potential.... too bad you don't know how to write.

Homo lumpen mafuteris
9/12/2013 07:02:27

Aprende a escribir.

homo beatch naturales
9/12/2013 07:20:52

Al parecer te gusta la atención y no tienes más nada que hacer con tu vida.

9/12/2013 07:50:24


9/12/2013 07:58:27

OMFG learn how to write. Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast or what?

9/12/2013 09:42:07

That was mad funny.

9/12/2013 08:13:03

"Presumed"? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Huma Trashy Girl With a Better Career Than You
9/12/2013 08:16:30

So...you're criticizing college students without being able to use basic English skills?
This article is SO legit. Somebody, please, give this person the Pulitzer.

Homo Jodido
9/12/2013 08:40:32

So quisiste escribir algo en respuesta a lo que escribio una muchacha con respecto a los hombres del campus? Dejame decirte que te quedo bien mierda. No solo es obvio que lo escribiste de un momento para otro, sino que ni siquiera pensaste bien las descripciones que darias. De verdad que ni gracia da.

P.S. - Aprende a escribir ingles

Homo Sexual
9/12/2013 13:48:37

Este comentario describe exactamente lo que tenía en mente. Gracias, Homo Jodido. Date de baja de la vida, González.

9/12/2013 09:42:52

Y u no learn english?

homo getoverit
9/12/2013 11:08:16

Chico, el resentimiento se te huele hasta la esquina. El post de la muchacha era para reírse y esto es absurdo... ¿Quién te dió clases de inglés? ¿El twitter fake de Agapito?

Regina George
9/12/2013 11:34:27

You used a mean girls 2 picture...THAT is what's wrong with this "article". So you can go shave your back now, bye Jason

9/13/2013 15:53:24

Best comment so far!

Ex-Naturales Biatch
9/12/2013 12:32:18

On behalf of the citizens of the English speaking world I implore you, good Sir, to please return your humiliated self back to elementary school. Perhaps then you will learn some basic writing skills with which to defend yourself respectably. Until then don't even bother attempting an article of this magnitude, much less as a response to a previously, well written submission.

Eso es todo.

9/12/2013 12:46:38

Well, the "UPR men" article was funny and nice. They complimented the guys, insulted them in a cute way. But this article is just plain negative towards UPR women. This looks like trash talk.

9/12/2013 13:49:06

Dude, if you're going to post something in English, learn how to write.

It's pretty easy to categorize the stereotypes at the UPR, I admit, and while you touched based on some of the categories, most of your descriptions were freaking lame.

Me parece que el mordío eres tu.

9/12/2013 14:34:45


9/12/2013 14:39:33

Is this supposed to be English?

Homo Jodidus Femme
9/12/2013 16:18:10

Nope, female students are literally exactly like their male counterparts. The same stereotype for the guys fit the girls within the same genus of the faculty.

According to you, I'm Nobody from Architecture
9/12/2013 16:37:58

If you don't know any girls from Architecture, better to not write anything at all. This post is not as funny as you think it is; it's really lame and offensive.

tu mai.
9/12/2013 16:47:15

Las mujeres se quejan en ser comparadas and crap,
pero entonces comparan y generalizan a todos los hombres como
"iguales". Si, aunque su inglés estuvo matao' y leí el artículo pasado sobre los hombres de la UPRRP, este artículo tiene el mismo theme and feel like the other one.

I dunno why y'all bitching, for real. Chill the fuck out. v:

Obi Wan Kenobi
9/13/2013 03:21:15

These are not the droids you are looking for...

COPU biatch
9/12/2013 16:50:37

It kinda looks like YOU doodled this last Thursday night at "El Refugio". Go back to grade school and learn some basic English skills.

Methinks someone is butt-hurt.

Homo sapiens sapiens
9/12/2013 17:56:54

Tienes creatividad, pero revisa tu ortografía y deja que compañeros revisen tus escritos antes de publicarlo.
Un buen escrito se pierde en mala ortografía.

Homo whatever
9/12/2013 23:50:42

My 5-month fetus writes better than this blatant crap.

Homo Procrastinitis
9/13/2013 00:34:34

Is this for an English class? I'm sorry you were forced to write this high-school article that an "uncultured" NatSci student could have done in five minutes. Is this a parody? Humor? Something supposed to be "ironic"? I'm sorry, but being funny is actually a skill. I hope you pass the class by achieving the minimum.

9/13/2013 01:07:57

First of all.. you could definitely use an english class, since you're going to be posting your posts for the world to see, I recommend you write them correctly! :)
Second of all I read the original article about the men of the UPR and that was ACTUALLY GOOD! Your stereotypes don't even make sense
and saying that the people in your whatever family group thing are immature insecure and boring is taking it a bit too far, taking into consideration the fact that you "Don't know no one (anyone) from there"

9/13/2013 03:47:37

Este es uno de los peores y mas estupidos articulos que he leido. Totalmente machista, escrito desde el resentimiento y la idiotez, y sobre todo, queriendo excusarse en "el chiste", sin llegar a ser gracioso sino totalmente bully. Nisiquiera es acertado en el estereotipo!

9/13/2013 03:56:10

que jodia mierda

9/13/2013 06:28:06

ok, vamos a analizar el texto. Primero, efectivamente lo critico por no saber escribir y no tomarse el tiempo de hacer un articulo a la altura del primero. Por no poder redactar algo mas coherente y elaborado. Mientras el articulo original le dedica varias lineas por parrafo a cada facultad, en el segundo, hay faculades como sociales (de la que por favor, habia muuuucha tela que cortar) que tiene una sola linea.

Me van a decir que lo unico que pudo decir de COPU es que su facultad es pequeña? como eso tiene que ver con la mujer de comunicaciones? Perdon, pero insisto, el chico que escribio esto pudo haberse lucido y haber hecho un articulo con el mismo peso del original, para mantener el nivel al menos.

Ahora bien, tambien lo critico por machista y voy a tratar de explicar el porque de esto ultimo.

Cuando leemos los ataques del primer articulo, no condenan al hombre de la iupi por su genero masculino. O sea, no hay una critica inherente a que sean hombres. No se esta metiendo con eso, sino con caracteristicas del estereotipo dado por la escuela a la que estudia (los de sociales y su ironica postura socialista mientras usa ropa de marca o la cara de trasnochado con sueño de los de naturales). Si, efectivamente habla de cosas como barba, porque esta haciendo un analisis de la apariencia de estos. Ademas, en su introducción ella aclara que es una generalizacion y que, obviamente, habra chicos que no calcen en estas.

Pero al leer la "respuesta" del chico, de entrada nos ilumina con esta joya: "Or maybe in a psycho way, she felt so lonely without having a boyfriend that she decided to go to one of the most diverse places in Rio Piedras: a Thursday night at the "refugio". With a lot of beers and a "chichaitos" in hand, trying to get a number but she was probably ignored"

Supongo que no tengo que aclarar que su explicacion de por que esta chica hizo el texto es, por demas machista. El no puede concebir que ella haya querido hacer una nota satirica sobre lo que ve todos los dias, sino que, porque "no tiene macho que la coja" (en pocas palabras), entonces ataca al genero masculino.

Pero no, la verdad es que, nuevamente, ella no ha atacado al genero masculino en su texto, sino a los estereotipos que presentan los hombres de la iupi. De hecho, los hombres homosexuales muy bien podrian entrar en estas catergorias que ella describe. Al contrario, él si se dedica a humillar a la mujer de la iupi (y a todas sin consideracion) por, basicamente, ser mujer:

A las mujeres de Naturales, Administracion y COPU las llama "locas" sin mayor explicacion. Y no solo locas, sino "Crazy biatches", que es, por supuesto, un insulto a la condicion femenina. Luego, ahonda un poco diciendo que las de Naturales son interesadas por el dinero (otro estereotipo femenino, no especificamente de Naturales), que las de ADMIN andan en Brava con su novio (quizas lo que le molesta es que no anden con el? por que es importante decir quien es su novio? Otra denigracion al genero, ella solo vale por el novio que tiene) o que las de COPU son escandalosas (ah y dice que se creen dueñas del mundo, una de las pocas cosas acertadas del escrito).

Ah, cabe destacar que en la introduccion de estas tres escuelas, dice que "They hope to find a rich man to marry in the future", cosa que una vez mas, es ultrajantemente machista, dado el caso de que, perdon, pero estas mujeres ESTAN ESTUDIANDO EN UNA UNIVERSIDAD.

Hablando de introducciones, la de las chicas de Humanidades y Sociales no deja de ser terrible: "Although their wardrobe isn't cute I enjoy a conversation with them. These girls know how to talk..." La chica en el texto original hablaba de los "especímenes" desde un punto de vista bastante distante y separado de un juicio de valor desde su condicion femenina, mientras que el chico las describe desde su interaccion con ellas. Además aclara que, aun cuando la vestimenta de ellas no le gusta, al menos saben hablar. Una vez mas, la vision de estas chicas viene dada por el juicio de valor de un hombre.

Después viene con la peor parte, ESGE y Educación, a las cuales critica por ser "inmaduras, inseguras y aburridas". Una vez mas no habla del estereotipo de la facultad, sino que es un ataque directo a ellas.

Cosa que adorna con la joya: "A really really dumb person that when you ask them a question, they respond with the opposite of what you are asking. I just want to tell them in class: SHUT UP!". No se si a este punto has comprendido que el esta insultando a las féminas de estas facultades, llamándolas a todas "bichas", "locas", "mal vestidas", "materialistas", "inseguras", "aburridas", idiotas"... Su exposicion no es una respuesta inteligente a una descripcion de los estereotipos presentados en el texto original, sino un "rant misógino en contra del género femenino".

y para cerrar, el intenta pasar la manito, cuando ya les ha caido a bofetadas a todas. A difere

9/13/2013 15:55:52

Totalmente de acuerdo contigo.

9/13/2013 08:26:36

In all fairness, it's the internet's own fault for allowing fools like this to have their own blogs in the first place. Dude, if you're going to keep writing, have someone who can actually write check your posts before making them public; don't embarrass yourself and your institution by publishing even more of this inadequate crap.

9/13/2013 16:45:09

SEGUNDO* mejor campus :)

9/13/2013 16:50:10

Jaja el q tuviera errores en ingles me hizo leerlo con la voz de Fez, el articulo sonaba mas comico en mi mente

9/13/2013 18:07:34

I though there was something called "freedom of speech". Y'all need to give this guy a break seriously. His ideas are pretty clear, if you don't like typos or the context simply click on that red button that kicks you out of the freaking page.

Angel that was pretty great! You made someone's day today :)

Homo Jodido
9/22/2013 14:10:46

Same rules applies to you. We all here have freedom of speech, so that being the case we can say whatever we feel like towards the article. In this case is call "feedback", and the reason for most of it being negative is not only because of the lack of english writing skills, but also because of the denigrating tone the article has. So in the same way you suggested the we could just exit the blog, I could suggest the same thing to you. If you don't like the criticism here then exit the blog. Simple as that.

P.S. In case youre wondering, it did not even take me 5 minutes to write this.

2/24/2016 16:49:19

Thank You, Linda. IM sorry for the very late reply!!!! I totally forgot about this, im glad it made your day!


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