Life is full of joy, sadness, and a lot of feelings that we will feel during our lifetime. This journey is like a train on his trial, and it's what I call "Train of Life". It has a lot of departures, and arrivals stations, but no returns. When we born, each of us have our own departure station, and there's some special person waiting for us: our family. We are wrong thinking that they will be with us every time, because like us they have their own arriving station. During this trip we will feel a lot of feelings like happiness, angry, regrets, freedom, and much more that I want you to feel by your own. I've been in a lot of different situations that made me the person that I am today. But, with many starts, and lost in my life I always say that I prefer to complement my journey, in this train, with music. 

Music, as the "frienemy" of feelings, can turn you up, but at the same way it can make you feel like a completely mess. I believe that returning to think in your breakthroughs, and breakdowns will make you grow as a person, and definitely will make you receive it, feel it and let it go, to keep going on with your life. This is the main reason that I'll make a list of the moments of my life that have impacted my life since I remember, chronologically.
#1: From my first love: "Big Girls Don't Cry" - Fergie. 

We all know that when we fall in love for the first time, that feeling it's going to be with you forever. It's the love that you won't forget no matter what happen, no matter if your feelings already have changed, but be careful because it could make you doubt, even if you are in other relationship with someone else. So this is the reason that I remember this song every time, because it reminds me my first couple when I started High School. He dedicated to me the day that we decided to be together in a formal relationship. 

#2: Love, love, love...Always running away of me: "Si fuera facial" - Obie Bermudez. 

After all the first DRAMA, with my first couple, Life brought me another shot of love. This time, harder than the first one, because things was serious. After all the things we were together, he decided to disembark the train leaving me without any explanation. So this song is a response for him from me, because I didn't have the opportunity to express what I felt when he left. 

#3 Forgive. Reborn. Live: "Valio la pena" - Pedro Capo. 

From a very special moment in my life, this song made me feel free of wrong thoughts about my father. Since meeting, and sharing with the singer of this song, I have to say that his song definitely changed my life. Now, getting a little personal, my relationship with my dad have never been so close, but it is because of his work. Thanks to his song, and another things happening at the same time, I feel free from those feelings that were killing me on the inside. As a result, I feel very grateful, and now I understand why my dad doesn't spend time with us. Because working for what we want is his way to show us how much he loves us.

#4 Forgive. Reborn. Live: "Yo te esperaba" - Alejandra Guzman.

In some point of my life, I learned to get out from me the idea of "Perfect Mom or Perfect Dad". After all the angry, maybe some unconformity, and a lot of questions I finally took it away from my life. I learned to forgive the hurtful words used from my mom, and my dad maybe in moments of angry, fury or madness. So that's why this song represents their unconditional love to me, in many ways letting me know that there's no regrets, because everything happens for a reason and each of us have our own process of life. 

#5 Forgive. Reborn. Live: "Sentirme Vivo" - Emmanuel.

I have no doubt that we are our own worst enemy in life. We are the owners of our actions, and we decide what to do, what we give, to see what we receive. That's how universe works, leaving you the opportunity the decide what to do. This song represents my own forgiveness. Forgiveness of my bad throughs, bad decisions, and bad actions that made the person that, I was sure, I really wasn't. 

#6 Forgive. Reborn. Live: "Abrazar la Vida" - Luis Fonsi. 

This time the universe, my guardian angel, and the whole court of angels gave me another "Shot of Life". Please, don't think I tried to kill myself. What I meant is that I wasn't being transparent, honest, and loyal with myself. So that's how this song came into my life. It showed me a message that I didn't get it before, and it's that you have just one chance of life to live, and there's no other. 

#7 Forgive. Reborn. Live: "La Fuerza del Amor" - Miriam Hernandez. 

This song reminds me how love is possible to break anything, and how my trip in the train was getting interesting. People coming, and people going out. But, no matter if there was no one, or different people get in, Love is the Medicine. Take a time to reflect on it, and I invite you to meditate if could love do that? 

#8 Forgive. Reborn. Live: "One Love" - David Guetta Ft. Estelle. 

Since I discovered that Love is the cure for any problem, and being hurt, but I moved on, I decided to do what someone did for me once: help others. This song definitely moves my life. It lets me know that I can help others, at the same way that someone did with me. That's what this song mean to me and it's: Pay it Forward. 

#9 Love Returns: "Love you like a love song" - Selena Gomez. 

After missing love in my life, it came back. Like all the times at the beginning it was amazing... long kisses, long duration calls, lot of tachycardia, and... more! This song shows me how I felt in love after my reborn. It shows me what I forgot: what was love about, and why I selected to feel in that moment. This time with a different point of view about life, love and relationships, I decided to give me the opportunity to feel what this love was turning to. But, life gets sometimes complicated, so with another disembarkation, again that seat for love remained empty. So this song, with a lyric about love, and relationships, reminds me all those feelings that I felt in that moment. 

#10 Crazy. Stupid. Love: "Please Don't Leave Me" - Pink!

Love sometimes goes crazy. Mostly without knowing, but crazy. There's different kind of love, and the couple relationships, could be the worst or the easier. It will depends on how you look at it. So in a moment to save my relationship, I did whatever he asked me. But as a result It didn't work. This song explains what I was feeling when I was in that situation. Sometimes in a funny, or in a bad way, but at the end wasn't the best. But knowing this, I decided to stay. 

#11 Toxic Relationships: "Diet Montain Dew" - Lana del Rey. 

Like the song says, "You’re no good for me, Baby you’re no good for me" referring to the Diet Mountain Dew as a relationship that Lana del Rey had, this relationship wasn't good at all. So this song explains how was exactly my relationship in that moment, and why I decided to leave. 

#12 The Superhero Song: "Ya te olvide" - Yuridia. 

After a breakup there's no better place to go than "El Vidys". There you will feel what you pretended you weren't feeling. So that's how I felt in love with this song. Helping me to survive the Armageddon, Yuridia with her song, reminds me that I don't need someone by my side to know that I can do it better by my own. I strongly recommend it. 

#13 Post-Apocalytic: "Bulletproof" - La Roux. 

This time ready for everything, I can't wait to see how life is going to treat me. Love, Friendship, Relationship, no matter what could be, this time like this song, I'm Bulletproof. After all I've been through, now I could say that I have the tools to deal with situations presented in life. 

#14 At the end, it's just you: "Who you are" - Jessie J 

Maybe sometimes we could go crazy, trying to do some things that aren't who we really are, to impress others. So this song is very important to me because every time I listen it, I say to myself that there's no situation bigger than me, only if I allow it. So that's why is very important to keep who you are, because at the end no one will care how we feel, but we definitely will think about it. 

#15 Long Live Angel: "Moment 4 Life" - Nicki Minaj. 

This song is everything for me. I feel that every moment that I lived, I want to live it forever. It's good to thing about keep things and forgetting about life, but we have to learn how to let it go too. This song expresses how hard I've work to be who I am right now, and who I'm sure I will be in a future. 

After a little trip in the past, I feel how life pass very fast without letting us know. And that's the reason that I invite you to reflect in how are you living, and who are you becoming with your actions, because there's more people in your same train that could be affected or grateful with your actions. Think in who you don't want to be, who you don't like to talk, because it's not of your liking. But you know what, that person could definitely need to learn something from you and vice versa. So take a risk, fear is going to be always with you, but you can learn how to manipulate it. 
9/24/2013 02:34:59

I respect the way you speak your mind, with no regards as to what others might think of you, it takes courage to do that.
on the other hand, I believe sometimes as you try to speak your mind you come off a little...defensive which might kind of close your writing up a bit. What I mean by defensiveness is that ( more specifically this post) you're writing about your personal life, what each song means to you, but you're being vague about it. By each selection you give us a general sense about what it means to you, but it's too broad.It would be nice for you to get into it a little more.

Also, watch out for your grammar and syntax, most of the mistakes are little details, but a few errors here and there can change the meaning of a sentence considerably.
Thank you for your feedback, here I'm returning the favor.

9/24/2013 14:10:29

Thank You. I really appreciate it.


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