Something funny I always do when I go to the theater is that every trailer I watch I say: "I'll watch that movie". Yeah Right, when it starts showing on, I always forgot it. As always there's something that you will love, and you won't. If we follow the line of movies, I have to say that I, mostly, like all the movies I watch because I look for something in every movie to  enjoy. Because of that I'll describe one of the movies that I love, and the one I don't. 

The first one is 'In Time'. This movie is my EVERYTHING. Every single time I watch this movie I found a different meaning, mostly depending on my mood. It actually changed my life. It makes me live my life like I can't waste any second of my life, because literally like we say "Time is Money". From make me feel sad watching the differences between economic classes, since thinking that's how the system should work, I learn from every scene in this movie. After watching that movie, I literally feel that I have a clock on my hand counting down every second resting me life to live. So this is a Sci Fi movie that is a MUST to watch. 

From the one I love, on the other I don't love enough if Snow White and The Hunstman. Actually I love this movie, but It rests credits when they decided to put Kristen Steward as the main character. She makes the movie a horrible one. Her acting isn't good enough to stay watching it. I really really wanted to get out of the theater because I can't handle it. But like everyone is different, I invite you to judge by yourself. Watch both of them, and then you will judge by your own. Have Fun, and remember, you are always free to think whatever you wish... 

10/27/2013 08:56:35

You should check your grammar, you should be consistent with the verb tenses. Overall i liked it, I like "In time" too and think Kristen can't act, always has the same face!

10/27/2013 14:41:03

Other than some grammar issues and the fact that movies don't have summaries, I liked the way you expressed your opinion about each film.
I watched Snow White and the Huntsman thinking it would present a stronger Snow White. To my surprise, Mirror Mirror (another Snow White adaptation that came out at the same time as the other one) presents the stronger princess.

10/28/2013 15:48:36

I haven't seen In Time but after your post I definitely will! Good post :)

Selena Marie
10/28/2013 23:55:10

First of all I really liked that you did a little introduction to the post instead of just writing about the movies. Short, concise and to the point. Nice use of images to now which movies you are talking about. I agree that In Time was an amazing movie, and I loved that it showed of another side of Justin Timberlake. Structure wise I also think it was very good and I like that in the end even when you are criticizing something you are still respectful.

10/29/2013 14:17:07

I haven't watched these movies but I think that you wrote a very nice post. :)

Jesse ^_^
10/30/2013 09:22:50

I agreed with you. "In time" a great film!


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