When you read, "descibe your first" it just make you feel scared as hell. Maybe you could feel that you don't remember but digging a little bit in time you will, or maybe you should try hypnosis. So, after all I will start describing what I felt when I had my "first kiss".

It is not too far. It was the summer before I started High School, and guess what..was special. Don't Judge!!! Guys makes it earlier. But, to give you some idea of what were happening, I had this nice girlfriend, but I never kissed her thanks GOD. After spending time with my ex-bestfriend at his house, he introduced me this "person" who was very special in my life, and always will be. So we met, and we start dating. I remember it was to the Harry Potter premiere, I dont remember which exactly was, but I know that we went to the theater to watch it. When we got to "that person's" home we started talking about what we feel about each other.

So the time has come, to express and let your feelings coming out. Bracking a lot of walls like a wrecking ball, how my deary singer Miley Cirus says, we finally kissed. With a lot of heart compressions, I wasn't able to breath well. I felt like the air wasn't enough, I was shacking looking at "that person". Maybe it could be because of "that persons" blue/green-ish eyes. But what i wont never forget is what, before kissed my hands were already sweating, and I hate it because we were you know touching each other face. So I felt ashamed of my body reaction, but then I let it go. It was the most silence time ever. I really didn't heard anything. It was so calm, so peaceful, so amazing that I was just focused on the kiss, So with the things going on, and getting heat the room, his spit wasn't that nasty I thought it was.

So with nothing more to say, but a lot more to remember I'll keep it to me. Sorry for it.

Always and forever....


10/24/2013 02:30:38

It just gave me the chills reading you're first kiss. You gave very good details about it, and from what you wrote I could imagine what that felt like. As I said earlier you're writing have improved.

10/27/2013 09:02:43

I didn't really understand the "Guys makes it earlier" part, but overall it was good...very descriptive and that was the objective. You should check your grammar, specially on that last paragraph.

10/27/2013 14:46:25

It was a nice post and very descriptive! My other comment would be to check your grammar, like misspelled words. I still liked your post!

10/28/2013 15:46:51

I liked your references ( the one with Miley's song). I also liked the way you described your first kiss and all the things you felt at the moment. Good post :)

Selena Marie
10/28/2013 23:59:44

Now that is a powerful post, very emotive and intense. You can really tell that it was special to you and you are lucky to have such a good memory of a first kiss. You were one of the few that followed the "use something of each sense" instruction so I really appreciated that.

10/29/2013 14:21:15

Wow very nice post! It is very powerful and very personal and you described that moment in your life perfectly. :)


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