There's a lot of things happening right now in our world. Some people take cares of somethings and other, doesn't. That's the main reason that I would love to create a philanthropy to help people, and make a better place of our home "Mother Earth". I'm the kind of person who thinks that adults have already made their decisions and its gonna be difficult to change it. That's why my main focus on my organization it's gonna be with children.

I strongly believe that if we educate children in a different way, we could save this planet. They are the future of this nation, and that's why if we focus on they we will have a better place to live. And by this I'm not meaning the school education that they are receiving already. That's just part of it. It will focus on a place that will help kids with: 

  • Moral Education in every school of Puerto Rico: this program will teach  children what is good and what isn't. It's gonna be a link between the organization and the public/private school of the country. It doesn't specially need to be refereed to any particular religion. The focus here is to teach the student's what is proper to do and what is not. 
  • Individualized Psychological Services for every student: many people in this world, and I meant a lot of, don't really ever go to a therapist or psychologist in their life. That's why if we take children from the beginning to receive that kind of help, they will feel safe from anything that could happened in the past. With that they will be free from that terrific things that could happened to him. And finally he will feel confident in every way of their life.  
  • Fraternity Program between Parents and Sons: Relationships between parents and sons is very important to create an atmosphere of fraternity, confidence and family. Its going to put they together in a way that let they now that is very important to have a relationship for the good of both. This will clarify problems, different opinions and ideas to help they to get understood in every situation. 
  • Providing food services and items of need: we all know that poorly is knocking a lot of people's door. This is the main reason that will let people feel relieved, and know that they have someone who support they every time. 

What makes difference from the different organizations that already exist is that they already don't get focus on children, individualized programs or they are not obligatory for every children in the country. Actually, this program will be created as a law from the Congress (written and directed by me) to be authorized and developed as a non-profit organization for the residents of Puerto Rico. They will bring the resources to the organization by law and is mandatory the availability of parents, and there's no going to be excused because there will be a licence who exclude day to work for the appointment at the non-profit office. The reason that i made this link with the government it's because I'm interested in being a Senator of Puerto Rico in the future. And I strongly believe that it could happen, we just need to change out politic's point of view that is not working right now. Let's make it work.

If you are interested why I would create this organization, you could open your eyes to our reality, opening this link: 
12 Years old accused to kill his brother.
Bullied boy snapped and killes his father. 

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