Many times in our lives we have to know that life is changing with the passage of time. Many different opinions are changing, and many other doesn't. The "M" word...Marihuana, the one that can afraid many people, and makes very happy to other. Starting to describe the pros and cons of this issue, I found it very interesting to know what people have to say about it. 

The main point of the pros of Marihuana is: it doesn't create addiction or dependence, they explain that Marihuana produces relaxation and you can quit at any moment of using it; like many people says World Peace, Hippies, the '70's, etc one of their arguments is that this plant produces no violence of any kind; and finally they offer you this idea that Marihuana is a good way to treat many terminal diseases. As I said, this is the main point that the defender of Marihuana use to try to persuade people to vote for the legalization of this plant produced by Mother Earth. By the other side, there's a large group of conservatives against this kind of approbation. They say that: first of all, it makes immediate effect that are longer than the alcohol; it can make you suffer about mental/brain diseases that could ruin your life; and finally, a low sexual capacity, because they argue that men's testosterone is decreasing with the use of Marihuana. This issue is very important in Puerto Rico, because we represent our society, our values, and our future. So, starting from this point I think that yes, it's a discussing that should take the time to analyze the different ways it could take in a future and its effect on our society, that right now is not as well as we want. 

What is in game here is our present, and future of our society. Both opinions have their point and we have to respect each of them. It's important because we have to let each person express what they feel, what they want and what do they expect of Puertorican's leaders that are defending a movement of this quality. Of course here is some very historical point if they approve it. Puerto Rico will be on the list of countries that try something different to the benefits of some, and the frustration of another, but there's always  discrimination with some group. 

Finally, I believe that it should be legalized with the correct development of the distribution, uses and how are they going to regulate the use of Marihuana. Because I believe in science, They have proven that it is helpful for people who have cancer, and other terminal diseases. My invitation to the leader of this project is that they have to be sure of what are they doing, and how are going to make it, because it could bring some repercussions in our society if it isn't treated well. 

10/24/2013 02:24:33

I absolutely agree with you, I think that there would be less violence if the Marijuana is legalized. Also With this assignment I noticed that you have improved you're writing. Keep up!

10/27/2013 09:10:21

Good post. I think everything the professor asked for is there, but the part of what other issues should be addressed as well. You should check the grammar but I do believe your writing has improved as Frances said. Keep up the good work!

10/27/2013 14:59:01

I see an improvement in your writing here! Great job!
I agree with you to some extent because I think that PR is not ready to take this on. But, I liked your post. You presented facts that I had not read in other people's posts.

10/28/2013 15:43:31

I liked your post. It's very well written. Congrats! I agree with your opinion. I think the pos and cons you exposed were very helpful because I didn't know about all of them. Good job!

Selena Marie
10/29/2013 00:02:20

I liked how you expressed yourself and summarized the issue very well. I guess I was expecting a little more of your opinion since you are pre-law I was genuinely interested and found the last paragraph to be a bit short. Other than that I think it was a good post.

10/29/2013 14:24:47

I really liked your post. It was well structured, very informative and easy to read, good job!! :)


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