Tittle: Dark Paradise
Genre: Drama
Theme song: “He won't go” - Adele
Director: Andrew Niccol

Main Cast: 

  • Jesse Williams as Angel.
  • Ryan Gosling as Francisco Jr.
  • Morgan Freeman as Angel Sr.
  • Queen Latifa as Yolanda.
  • Robert de Niro as Francisco Sr.
  • Melissa McCarthy as Francisco's mother.


The history takes place on LA, California. It's based on a gay couple who fall in love but from the beginning it's difficult to be together because of many personal issues of both. It starts with the main character Angel (Jesse Williams). He is a pre-law student who have his own life, live by his own but still depending on daddy's money, who actually doesn't know that he is gay. He quite dancing to start focus on his studies at LA, California. At the same time he met Francisco (Ryan Gosling), a super busy lawyer, very conservative, and who doesn't want to come out the closet because his very professional and personal issues. They have their very similar things: a supportive mother, a very busy and old fashion father, and their relatives who could know or suspect about each of both.  

Angel, scared to felt in love with the lawyer, is willing to take the risk to be with him. Spending their time together the lawyer told him that he isn't ready for that kind of relationship yet. Trying to wait if the lawyer changes his mind he try to move on meeting a new guy looking for a shot of love.

After the Karma manifest, with the passage of time, the lawyer proposes Angel to move to DC with him to have their life together. But at this point Angel have a recent relationship, who isn't that strong because Angel still in love with Francisco. Then Angel come back to Francisco and start trying to make it work, but it isn't that good. Angel realized that Francisco still the same person since he left him.

After many months trying to be together, between their fights and issues, Angel realized that the lawyer's circumstances are bigger than his-self and he wont change. Then he decided to move on, spending his energy in try to reconnect with his self and goals, waiting for the love of his life.

"After all, you are the only one who will decide how to feel". 

8/28/2013 10:33:22

First of all LOVE the cast! A lot of turns and twists and complicated love stories I like.
In hope everything falls into place!

8/31/2013 07:05:41

hahaha tell me!!! Very complicated but you know, cant stop living. ;) Thanks!!! I'll get the Happily Ever After one day.

Angelica Perez
9/17/2013 06:02:26

I like the cast too I'm not too sure I want to see him as a gay guy, hahaha. But I like the story line.

9/17/2013 18:34:36

Hahaha Why not? I would die for it. For sure have to be a Fine Arts movie.


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