Bad weather 
Friends that aren’t truly friends 
When theres no parking. 
Noises at the theaters
homeless or drug user asking me for money 
Arrogant people
Arrogant professor. 
When washing machine doesn’t work. 
When people talks shit about the politicians, police, government structure. 
When Family talks about eachothers. 
Gay Haters. 
LBGTT Haters. 
People that are in the closet of Narnia. 
Gays who doesn’t  support  the gay rights. 
When In the news there's a lot of murders. 
Child abuse. 
When I feel bad for something I shouldn’t be. 
Sarcastic people 
Bitchy people. 
Noisy people 
Boring classes 
Boring professors 
End of semester
When im at the movies and theres people talking and making noises.
When I’m at the traffic lights and im the first in line, and when it changes there’s an asshole knoffing me and it have just changed. 
When my grandmother says that she hopes that I don’t be Gay like Ricky Martin. 
Seating on a plan in the middle of the line. 
Dry law.
When they cut down the energy system
When boys think they are the last coca cola on the dessert, and they are not.
When people talk shit about other person. 
One of my current professors of Social Sciences. (And yes he is a social problem).
People trying to have the reason 
When they want something for me that I don’t. 
Judging people. 
People who wants to control our life. 
No jobs! 
Bad Customer Service
When fat people don’t talks about other people that are fat too, and they don’t look at themselves. 

People that doesn’t clean their mouth
Boring movies
Boring series
When people scare me  
Hitting me on my neck
Having nothing to do
When I want to sleep and im not sleepy.
Not hanging out on weekends.
Be out of gas.
Be broke
When internet sucks
Itchy Back
When my car doesn’t starts the engine. 
People yelling at me.
When I get home for the whole weekend, and there’s nobody there.
When my family doesn’t call me.
When I remember that im single.
When im still single.
When I try to meet someone and It doesn’t works.
When I don’t find a fucking job.
When I look that I have more than a year to graduated.
When people try to throw me a animal or a seaweed.
When I remember my relationship didn’t workout.
When I remember my exs.
When I go out and there’s nobody in that place.
When I go to the kitchen and I have nothing to eat.
When I have to cook something.
Do the dishes.
When I allow people to get me out of my way.
When im relaxed at my room and theres somebody knocking at my door.
When people don’t get well dressed for a special occasion.
When im in the supermarket and theres a huge woman with her car on the middle of the way.
When someone try to be bitch with me.
When I don’t have water when im thirsty.
When my sister borrow me money.
When someone stalk at me in a bad way.
Cleaning the bathroom.
Going to a bathroom and there’s no paper.
No internet working.
When  I can’t go out.
When I talked to a guy, and he just told me that he didn’t talk me because he was afraid. What the hell am I ? Seriously, Go to fucking home!!!!  
When im drinking at the bar and something throw down my glass, or throw down his in my clothes.
When the bar is full and you cant walk anywhere.
Those awkward moments on a date where no one says nothing.
When once upon a time creators makes shit about regina.
When I have nothing more to say
Going to the dentist, its kinda a love and hate relationship.
Looking at my old pictures.
When my phone doesn’t works out.
Going to the gym and not finding the enough visual inspiration of that hotties in the gym.
What I think that makes different this list is that there's somethings that affects our society at all, and some of them affects me just because of my personality, or just me being sometimes bitchy. Between the lists I have to say that they are very common things that have to be in how people is as a person. They are different because there's something in the personal list that I know I should work on it, because its not a big issue. What makes different the social ones is that those are things that really affects our life in our society directly. 

One of the social problem that really pisses me off is the LGBTT haters. I really feel bad when I heard such things against us, more when it comes from people that are supposed to be leaders in our society. The second one is when someone who is fat, talks about someone else's weight. Really? Have you seen yourself in a mirror? Get a grip, get a life and get over it. People looks how they want, or they believe that they are right. If they feel comfortable with their body, just relax. Work on yours. One of my personal is when someone try to hit me on my neck. I hate that. It pisses me of to hell. It makes me feel that I dont trust people because of that. But, after all this is something that we all should work on together, because isn't about the government or the people who abuse a kid, is about how we as a society work to do `things better in our values, and lifestyles. 

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