Yes, that's right, Grammar. One of the most hated thing on Earth, and other loves it. As part of our lives, grammar, have been with us since we started school, but sometimes it looks like we dont give Grammar the importance that it requires. So, as part of my assignment, Im going to test me to know how are my English Basic Skills, because my main language is Spanish.
Sentence Fragments: 
1. F                 9. C x 
2. F               10. C
3. C               11. F
4. F               12. C x
5. C               13. F
6. C               14. C
7. C  x           15. F
8. F               16. F

Total: 13/16 
Run- on, comma splices, and fused sentences: 
1. He enjoys walking through the country, and he often goes backpacking on his vacations.
2. He often watched TV when there were only reruns; she preferred to read instead.
3. They weren't dangerous criminals; they were detectives in disguise.
4. I didn't know which job I wanted, so I was too confused to decide.

Total: 4/4 
Subject and Verb Agreement:
1. are                   16. are x 
2. is                     17. are 
3. are                   18. are 
4. are  x               19. were 
5. don't                 20. debates 
6. doesn't              21. lead 
7. is                      22. greet x
8. lives                  23. are
9. takes 
10. want             Total: 17/23 
11. is 
12. are x
13. know x
14. are x
15. is 

Eliminating Wordiness: 
x 1. - 
x 2. Bradley Hall is populated by students, but a close structure is undertaken by them. 
x 3. For him was neccesary dropped out of school. 
x 4. The bus company will announce the new schedule, within the next few days. 
x 5. A student may know a foreign student in many ways. 
x 6. It's very unusual not lie in purpose. 
x 7. Trouble is when people brakes rules for the established safety of all. 
x 8. More than a thousand attended a campus rally, were 5 arrested for disorderly unduct, and severce other charged with organizing a public meeting without a permit. 
x 9. The useful subjects after graduation are the most important by students. 
x 10. In a future, college freshmen must make contact with an academic adviser concerning the matter of a major. 
x 11. Our company have professional growth, and stability in a dinamyc atmosphere of technology. 
x 12. There are many opinions of capital punishment. 

Total: 0/12
Eliminating Wordiness #2
x 1. The reefs below the steep cliff were barely visible through the fog, and dropped to reef
x 2. The car is gassed up and ready for the long ride that will take all night. 
x 3. Blanche was a good athlete on the track team at school, and sometimes she went running with Stan. 
x 4. The candy that Taylor brought from Europe wasn't shaped like American Candy, and it tastes kind of strange to him. 
x 5. Goverment leaders claim that the creation of new jobs indicates a strong economy, but they don't mention that the low-wage jobs have replaced many good jobs. 

Total: 0/5 
Eliminating Wordiness #3:
People who enjoy reading murder misteries are not themselves murders. For they is really fantastic and also fantasies. They keep uppermost in mind through logic observation at the final solution.  x 

Total: 0/1 
1. a x                                  11. c x
2. a                                     12. c 
3. c                                     13. b
4. b                                     14. a
5. a                                     15. b x
6. c                                     16. b
7. b                                     17. b
8. a                                     18. a
9. c                                     19. c
10. c                                   20. a

Total: 16/20
More Prepositions: 
1. to                         11. into x 
2. into                       12. to x 
3. in                          13. into x 
4. onto                       14. on 
5. into x                     15. toward x 
6. toward                    16. to 
7. to x                        17. onto x 
8. into x                     18. into x 
9. on                          19. to x
10. on                         20. onto 

Total: 10/20
There's no better feedback than this. Now, I realized that I need to make some research about English Grammar Skills. Altough we have been studying English since second grade, we are mostly spanish speaker so it could be very difficult when we start again to write in English. So now, what it's important here is that now that I now how my English is, I MUST work on it. 

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