Editorials are very important at the time to see the opinions of some people, who knows about the issue they are writing about. It talks about social issues that are very important to us. Express the point of view of people who really knows about the subject of the theme in that Editorial.  At this moment, I had read 4 different ones, and I'm going to talk about which one I think its the most well written. I had read the following editorials: A Leap for Equality, Texas Women and Abortion Rights, 'Por los Derechos de 130,000 menores' and Sex Traficking in India. The one I like the most is A Leap for Equality

I picked that one, because I think that is a very important issue on our society that has to be done, for the good of all the citizens. Actually, I like the structure that he used to explain his point of view, and the real facts. This editorial is about the same sex marriage in the United States. It explains how many states have been legislating about same-sex marriage and how others states made a poputar vote accepting it in their states. Also, it explains how the Supreme Court made unconstitutional the "DOMA ACT", and how this action will provide to the court the change to restrict all the restrictions agains the LGBTT community. 

About the author, I think he was well informed because he used to mention the right number of states that had approved the same-sex marriage, he offered us real facts. This part is very important in a editorial because if you make something fake, it could destroy your career as a journalist. 

My favorite part of that editorial is when he explained how the Supreme Court refuse the DOMA ACT, because I think as a pre-law student is a huge door to allow same-sex marriage in the Federal Goverment

Some quotes I like about the editorial are:

"In a breakthrough beyond the marriage issue, the Senate has just approved theEmployment Non-Discrimination Act, a long-sought measure to outlaw employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity."

"The measure, ending a two-decade legal and political battle, caps a remarkable year of progress toward ensuring the basic civil rights of gay Americans."

The language used at this editorial I think that is very informative. The writes doesnt meant to be rude, or offensive. He is just informing what have happened, and how could be the future of the LGBTT from now. Is very easy to read, and you can understand everything from the start. And also, I find him passionate about it, because of his way to feel that this is not the end, but we have a lot more to seek. This showed me that he is clearly looking for that results that all the LGBTT Community will love to enjoy in a future. 

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