Life is full of moments that you can describe it by being positives, or negatives. That's what life is about. In my life I have a lot of different moments that I could use for this post, but I want to use one specifically that I will never forget. I want you to know what was happening at that moment when it happened. I was taking some "workshops" where I was able to help me, and help others with my actions. But that day, a Funday (Sunday) I had a cruise with a friend that I met there. We were supposed to leave the workshop earlier than my mates, but they asked us to stay longer, because what was about to happen it was very special. At 8:30pm, it ends. So with luggage in hand with went to Guaynabo to my friend's to ask her mother to take us to the port in Old San Juan. When we left her house, it remember it was 9:15pm already we were on our way to the port. The problem was that she forgot her hand bag at her house. So here its when it starts. 

My heart started to beat faster, and faster because I suffer from taquicardea.By everyminute we were late I was sweating, and staring at my watch to look how fast the time was running. With a lot of thoughts that we can have in our head, the only one that was in mine was: "we are not gonna make it". Actually was two, the second one was: "I wanna kill her". So after his father came we finally get at the port. Just 10 minutes before they close the door, we were checking in. No one was around there, we where the last one in crossing the door. While I was walcking my knees were shaking, my hands were sweating and my heart kept beating faster. I wasn't able to talk, my throat were tight and I had a lot of spit. I could filled in that moment a liter of saliva because my mouth were fulled of it. Then finally we made it, thanks GOD! 

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